About the Plans and Manuals

David Bolton designed eight types of kit. Plans for all eight models are supplied on a single CD, in JPG format, 200 dpi.

The detailed instructions were supplied as a thickish paper document. This will be replaced by a document on CD; at the time of writing, still in preparation.

The instructions assume you have the kit of parts. Since the kits are no longer available, purchasers will have to work out what they need from the instructions.

Can I copy the plans?

The kits were conceived and designed by David Bolton, and the plans and manuals were created by him. Your purchase entitles you to print the plans and manuals for your own personal, non-commercial use, but not for any other purpose; they must not be reproduced, sold, hired, translated, adapted, or distributed without express written permission of the copyright holder. If permission is granted, a credit must be given to the originator and designer of these plans, David Bolton.