French Double

Sorry, I cannot supply instructions for the French Double Harpsichord.

For most enthusiasts, the two-manual instrument is the Rolls Royce harpsichord. It does, however, involve more work and it would be a very ambitious project for a first time builder.

The French Double Kit has two 8' registers, one 4' and a buff stop. The most commonly used registrations are:

       Lower manual 8'
       Lower manual 8' with buff
       Upper manual 8' 
       Manuals coupled 8' + 8' 
       Manuals coupled 8' + 8' + 4' 

The ability to change rapidly from upper to lower manual is very useful in accompanying and is necessary for a proper rendering of works like Bach's "Italian Concerto". By moving the keyboard, the instrument can be made to play at baroque pitch or modern pitch.

Hear the French Double

A single 8' stop
Full instrument (2 x 8', 1 x 4') (1 x 8' at end)
The buff stop