Bolton Harpsichord Jacks

The Bolton jack, the all-important item in many kits, is available separately. It is used on a regular basis by professional makers who like it for its high performance, reliability and user-friendliness.

It is of the same weight as a traditional wooden jack, but has the advantage of full adjustability and freedom from swelling in damp weather. Its dimensions match those of several other popular types and it can therefore be considered as a replacement for older types of plastic jack which may have started to fail, or simply as an upgrade.

The jacks are of very smooth plastic to give a lightning-quick, reliable action.

Besides top and bottom adjusting screws, one of the user-friendly features is the easily removable tongue which makes it much easier to get at the root of the plectrum to voice it.

1970s Zuckerman harpsichords are among those which may benefit from replacement of the jacks. Bolton jacks are the same thickness as Zuckermann jacks of that period, so it is a simple job to modify these harpsichords to accept Bolton Jacks.

Size: View scan of Bolton jack with dimensions marked: pdf file