Other components


Delrin plectra from Marc Vogel, in four degrees of stiffness: 1-spot to 4-spot, length 1 cm.

photo of 4 sizes of plectrum

Upper guide lozenges

These are used for virginal and spinets. Photo shows virginals on left (note displaced holes) and spinet on right.

photo of guide lozenges

Jack tongues with square holes for leather plectra

The white tongue on the left has the regular hole, for a delrin plectrum. The black tongue has a square hole for a leather plectrum.

jack tongues with regular and square holes

Felt strip

The damper felt is supplied in 9mm (approx) strip, 2mm thick, to be cut into 9mm x 9mm squares for use. Felt can also be obtained directly from Hecksher Piano Parts

strips of ed damper felt